Artist Time Management (ATM) Machine


Artist Time Management Machine (ATM Machine), 2015
Modified Punch Clock and Custom Cards

The Artist Time Management Machine (ATM Machine) is a modified punch clock with accompanying cards. Punch clocks, also know as time recorders, first came out in New York in 1888 and were mechanical timepieces used to monitor employee attendance. Rather than using employee names or identification numbers, the ATM Machine cards are titled according to different ways the artist may spend some of her time: reading, cooking, making art, dreaming or wondering whether she should have embarked in a more lucrative enterprise. Many of the cards also feature additional notes and passages by the artist or by other authors including philosopher Michel Serres and excerpts from the Surrealist manifesto. When plugged in, this functional Artist Time Management Machine makes a continuous and distinct sound that alerts those nearby of the passage of time and of time’s perceived value.

Debt Fair/Occupy Museums
Whitney Biennial
March 17 – June 11, 2017

Art League Houston
Nov 20, 2015 – Jan 10, 2016

Tommaney, S. 2015. “Art League Houston Breaks Through Walls to Give Indebted Artists a Voice,” Houston Press, Nov 27.