Birds and Bowers

Bowers and Birds was created for the Diverseworks Wild Light auction.

“The Wild Light Dinner and Auction, held at Houston’s Orange Show Center for Visionary Art, was an illuminated evening that honored artist James Surls and Charmaine Locke, two of the founders of the Texas contemporary scene as we know it. The evening benefited DiverseWorks’ production of “A Gift From the Bower,” an outdoor multidisciplinary exhibition that will be unveiled during Earth Day Weekend in 2023 — coinciding with James Surls’ 80th birthday.

The exhibition will be presented at Splendora Gardens, the former home and studio of Surls and Locke“

Currently in the collection of Amy and Eric Moen.

Barber, A. 2022. “Wild Lights Transform Houston’s Orange Show Into a Sanctum of Wonders,” Paper City, June 20.