Here And Now

Multi-channel sound installation
Discovery Green Brown Promenade Winter 2019-2020

Lina Dib’s multi-channel sound installation at Discovery Green, Here and Now, focuses on movement. Part III of a sonic triptych, this installation expands her recent works North To South And Back and There Is No Going Back. The triptych focuses on the biological phenomenon of Zugunruhe, a word used to describe a certain kind of restlessness animals exhibit when they feel the compulsion to migrate. Here and Now is composed primarily of bird and human sounds and focuses on global migration. The choreographed sounds dance along the Brown Promenade in conversation with Pitaya’s sculptures. Here and Now points to Houston’s diversity and highlights ways that life on earth is marked by, and even sustained by, movement.

Special thanks to the Macaulay Library at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, Taylor Knapps, Daniela Antelo, Siddharth Bharadwaj, Josan Pinto and Pitaya.

This soundtrack has been released into a limited edition of 5 boxes here.

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Lina Dib Here And Now Discovery Green
Lina Dib Here And Now Discovery Green photo by Morris Malakoff
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