Le temps des oiseaux

Le Temps des oiseaux, 2011
Interactive sculptural installation
Dimensions variable

The field, the lab, and the studio are places of production rather than display, sites of creation rather than exhibition, places for searching horizons and researching results. They are places where the actual is carved or crafted from the possible; the real is cut away from the simulated.
Like these sites, Le temps des oiseaux (the time for birds) is about sensing the difference between existence and artifice. Jet-black birds composed of paper, wire and car paint hang from the ceiling. When the viewer approaches, they shiver or agitate. Proximity sensors and vibration motors cause the birds to shutter as the viewer approaches closer or faster. Sensing changes. On the walls, dead house flies are pinned and hanging in glass encasing, indifferent to the birds’ or the viewers’ movements.

Programming by Rex Gavin Baker IV and TX/RX labs Houston

Presented as part of Counter Crawl, MECA – Multicultural Education and Counseling through the Arts, Houston, 2011