Machines for Transforming Time into Matter

Sonogram of manual typewriter #3



Machines for Transforming Time into Matter, 2014

Modern memory is, above all, archival. It relies entirely on the materiality of the trace… – Pierre Nora

This interactive four channel sound installation highlights the roles that machines play in making the ephemeral tangible and repeatable. As viewers enter and exit the gallery space via the main stairwell, their movements trigger sounds of recently obsolete inscription devices that range from old typewriters, fax machines and modems, to camera shutters and clocks. Although the sounds indicate that something or someone is documenting the viewers’ passage up or down the stairs, the experience remains fleeting. The viewers’ bodies leave no traces except those of the sound waves created by their presence; and each passage up or down the staircase produces a different combination of sounds.
Programming by Navid Navab.





Presented as part of Ethnographic Terminalia – Bureau of Memories: Archives and Ephemera, Hierarchy Gallery, Washington, DC, 2014.

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