Multiple site specific sound installations

For these site-specific installations, Lina Dib generates soundscapes in four transitional areas at Lawndale Art Center: the entrance, the elevator, stairwells and 3rd floor window. These spaces are thresholds that mark the difference between up and down, inside and out. Drawing attention to the architecture of Lawndale, Dib fills these generally unnoticed spaces with sounds that range from the microscopic to the monumental. These compositions are about coming and going, ebb and flow. They are sonic postcards that highlight transitions, the fleeting or the temporary. The individual sounds come together and create a sense of place. They bundle us with them. They require and even create our presence, such that we are not in front of something, but within it. By situating the viewer within the piece, this intervention makes space itself more pliable — creating a kind of soft architecture using sonic fields that change and at times respond to the viewer.


Presented at Lawndale Art Center 2013-2014.


Press and Reviews:
Living Art, KPFT-FM Houston, Interview, Dec 5, 2013
Osborne, Altamese, “‘MURMURATIONS’ Sets the Tone at Lawndale Art Center,” Houston Press, September 12-18, 2013
Glentzer, Molly, “Spoken: Multimedia artist Lina Dib,” Houston Chronicle, August 30, 2013

Entrance: Waves, 2013
Single channel sound installation
4:25 minute loop

Elevator: Murmurations, 2013
2 channel sound installation
2:22 minute loop

Stairwells: I’m going back to Texas, 2013
10 channel interactive sound installation
Dimensions variable

3rd floor window: Glass, 2013
2 channel interactive sound installation
Dimensions variable

Programming for stairwells and 3rd floor window by Navid Navab,
Special thanks to Rik Poejo, Damon Choice, Lucas Gorham, Damon Smith, Vincent Lopez, Sami Dib and Henry Thomas for music and voices.