Power Tower Houston Fine Art Fair

Power Tower HFAFPower Tower
with Paul Middendorf
Site-specific multimedia installation
Houston Fine Art Fair

The Power Tower is a temporary site-specific installation in the form of a deer stand-inspired structure. Part social gathering spot, and part back woods hangout, the structure welcomes weary art fair attendees. The Power Tower  features new works and interdisciplinary ideas and functions as a self-sustaining interactive environment, where the artists not only host interviews with visitors, exhibiting artists, curators and gallerists, but perform at various times through the duration of the fair. Hunt or be hunted, bargain seekers, and deep woods animal trophy collectors and providers, the installation and environment highlights the survivalist within all of us. The Power Tower is part of an ongoing series of site specific sculptures and interventions by the artists and is shown for the first time through Art League Houston at the 2015 HFAF.

Anspon, C. 2015. “The Ridiculous and the Sublime: Hijinks and High Points at Houston Fine Art Fair as Changes Loom.” Paper City. Sept. 17.

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