Self Portrait in the Garden

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Lina_Dib_ION_Self-Portrait _in_the_Garden_2022 2
Lina_Dib_ION_Self-Portrait _in_the_Garden_2022 3
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SelfPortrait in the Garden at the Ion Main St window until late summer.


SelfPortrait in the Garden is an over-the-top kitsch environment that includes plants, astro-turf, pink flamingos, and bright screens. Initially the images on the screens are of greenery, the sea, and the sky. As viewers move, they scrub the images of nature to reveal reflections of their own presence. When viewers stop moving, nature takes over again. 


I created this uncanny window installation to entice visitors to question the boundaries we draw between categories such as the natural and the artificial, and to playfully engage in conversation with the window’s surroundings and others. The piece is an hommage to the old Sears building and the art of window displays, as well as an hommage to the landscapes and people that were here long before we were. Through viewers’ gestures, the work enacts erasure and replacement, memory and the difficulties of repair. It is meant to be whimsical while also acknowledging our bodies and the spaces we occupy.


programming by @taylorknapps

Special thanks to

Piper Faust

Ion Fabrication Labs / TXRX, especially Jacob and Cameron

Alyssa Graham and Roberto Perez

and everyone at the Ion


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