Sheaf of Times

Sheaf of Times, 2012
Single channel sound installation, 2:25:47
with Abinadi Meza

With Sheaf of Times, Dib and Meza delve into the foreign world of plants. Using both contact microphones and open-air microphones, they create lofty and minute sound samples. Blurring the boundaries between passively recording sounds (field sampling) and actively making sounds, they focus on plants’ materiality, their shapes and textures. This composition is a documentation of interferences, of shockwaves between humans and plants.

Throughout their work, Dib and Meza are attentive to physical manifestations of time. Sound takes time; it can only exist in time. Unlike sight, sound is immersive and simultaneous. Sound physically hits and penetrates. It bundles us with it. It requires and even creates our presence, such that we are not in front of something, but within it. In Jean-Luc Nancy’s words, “Sound has no hidden face; it is all in front, in back, and outside inside, inside-out.” Sheaf of Times is a layering of moments with plants. It is a bundle of interactions, a sheaf of encounters: from lightly touching, to rubbing, to stomping, to caring for and watering. Some moments in this piece come together to form a pandemonium, while others form quiet crackles and soft swishes.

Presented as part of Intra-action: Multispecies Becomings in the Anthropocene, MOP Projects, Sydney, Australia 2013; Audible Observatories, SOMArts and Yerba Buena Gardens, San Francisco, 2012; and Botany of Desire, Rudolph Blume Fine Art, Houston, 2012