The Flood

May 23rd- April 23rd, 2018

We find a peephole on one side of a smoldering box.
We look inside, but we don’t see fire or smoke.
Instead we see water.
The water has nowhere to go.
It rises inside the box.

This piece is part of a larger exhibit, “The Ends of Our Index Fingers Are Mute,” which takes place at the Solar Studios at Rice University featuring with pieces by Daniela Antelo, Bradly Brown, Brenda Cruz-Wolf, Tony Day, Lina Dib, Trey Duvall, and Erik Hagen.

We are contained in what appears to be something disastrous. We’ve tried to come up with a cure or a means of escape. We are mesmerized. We can’t stop looking and pointing. This feels epic and somehow grandiose. Like the view from a mountaintop. But we aren’t on top of any mountain. We are in the gutters, looking at the stars as they say. Join us as we bemoan our pointing and celebrate the sublime natures of which we are part.

2018. “The Ends of Our Index Fingers Are Mute,” Houston Press.